S3 Security provides innovative community based security patrol services throughout North Florida.  We provide fanatical customer service to clients in Multi-Family Housing, Commercial Real Estate, Student Housing, Homeowners Associations, and Community Improvement Districts. Our combination of industry leading technology and proprietary community oriented security model has allowed us to become the leading security patrol provider in North Florida servicing over 100 client sites.  The S3 Security mantra is “Happy Warrior”, treat everyone with courtesy and respect while performing mission critical security functions.

How it Works 

S3 Security infographic

Vehicle Patrol:

S3 Security Vehicle Patrol Services set the industry standard for mobile protective services.  Our targeted oriented patrol model provides expanded coverage times and highly trained security personnel for the fraction of the cost of a dedicated security officer.  S3 patrol services allow our clients to pay only for services actually needed vs having an on-site guard, which typically prove ineffective, expensive, and inefficient.

Our patrol vehicles are equipped with the latest technology including GPS tracking, laptop computers, dash cameras, and mobile devices. Our patrol vehicles are all newer models SUV’s or 4 Door Sedans and fully wrapped with warning lights.  All S3 personnel and equipment are fully insured, state licensed, and vetted to ensure a risk free environment to our clients.

Dedicated Officer:

S3 Security provides experienced armed and unarmed dedicated Security Officers specially trained to protect your assets. Our Officers go through a rigorous recruitment and selection process in addition to over 30 hours of site specific Field Training before they are approved for solo patrol. S3 Security Officers are equipped with the professional uniforms, new equipment, and latest technology to enhance officer safety and customer service while reducing liability for our clients.

Alarm/Video Monitoring

S3 Security partners with the leading Video Monitoring Service Provider to deliver an innovative approach to crime prevention, ensuring a swift security response to suspicious activity. The “after-the-fact” review of crimes rarely results in criminal convictions. With real-time monitoring, S3 Security Officers can be dispatched to respond and stop crimes from occurring. Our 24/7/365 approach ensures a secure environment for your investment while minimizing the financial burden of safeguarding your valuable assets.  Our system integrates with most pre-existing camera/CCTV solutions, significantly reducing the barrier to entry.

This video monitoring service combined with our vehicle patrol service is the most effective security solution in the industry.


  • S3 Security patrol vehicles are equipped with the latest technology, including GPS tracking, laptop computers, dash cameras, and mobile devices. Our patrol vehicles are all newer model SUV’s or 4 Door Sedans and fully wrapped with warning lights. 
  • Our local Dispatch Center operates from a secure data facility with 24/7 security and can withstand a level 3 hurricane. Our Dispatchers are specifically trained in customer service and emergency management to ensure a positive experience during a stressful situation. 
  • Nightly reports are submitted electronically and stored up to 2 years on our secure servers. Each report is emailed nightly which includes important information such as lighting assessments, police reports, trespass warnings, photographs, and dispatch calls for service to name a few. 
  • Our team monitors CCTV/Video Surveillance Cameras in real-time to ensure a targeted approach and swift response to problem areas. When an incident occurs, the video captured is provided to law enforcement and emailed nightly in the reports. 
  • Our Customer Relationship Management database provides S3 operational and customer service teams the information to action on customer issues immediately while ensuring specific requests are followed through in a timely manner.