May Newsletter

Officer of the Month

sgt garren

Sgt. Garren has been employed with S3 Security since May 5th 2016. He started with us as a part time officer and quickly moved from dedicated to patrols. In July of 2016 he transitioned to a fulltime position. And in September of 2017 he was promoted to the rank of Sgt.

Since his first day on the job Sgt. Garren has always arrived ready to work with a smile on his face and determination to help people who were in need. Sgt. Garren has a kind and professional attitude no matter the situation or challenge.

Over the year’s residents, clients and their staff have come to know Sgt. Garren. While doing account management on many occasions I have heard the words “Thank you for what you all do, the young man who worked last night did an excellent job dealing with those problem residents, he was firm but very polite in how he got them to cooperate.” I would later pull the reports and or check the schedule and see it was Sgt. Garren they were referring to almost every time!

There are several words I would use to encompass the type of person Sgt. Garren is. The first being Determined. He has always done everything in his power to better himself and his belief to leave things in better shape than he originally found them.

Honest would be the second, Sgt. Garren is always the first one to step up and take responsibility whether it be a simple mistake and or an oversight on his part. He truly takes ownership of his responsibility’s, his job and his team.

Kind would be the third. Sgt. Garren goes above and beyond to make sure customer service is his top priority. Best put by Account Executive Wes Winfrey quoted from his ride along report with Sgt. Garren on 2/25/18 “Last night I got to see Wiley do standard patrols, deal with two pool parties, and two calls for service. What impressed me the most is that he cared so much about what he did. He knew the post orders for each community and was willing to follow them. Even when dealing with the pool parties, he would enforce the rules but almost every interaction ended with a “thank you” or a hand shake by the person he was dealing with”.


S3 Security would like to welcome the most recent addition to our Management Team, Racheal Kasper. Racheal will lead our company’s Customer Service Department as the Client Success Manager.

More about Racheal:

Racheal moved to Jacksonville, FL from Milwaukee, WI. She studied Exercise and Sport Science at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and proceeded to work in the high-intensity, wellness-driven world as a personal trainer and Exercise Specialist (ACSM certified) with the YMCA. Her passion for travel later led her to work for HealthFitness. Traveling 100% of the time, she became adept at managing diverse teams of medical professionals all over the U.S.

With encouragement from friends and family, after 5 years of traveling for work, Racheal took a job with Safe&Fair—a local, health-conscious snack company—as a Customer Outreach and Sales Manager. Much of her time was spent building relationships with clients while growing sales within her designated sales region.

In April 2018, Racheal joined the S3 team. She is excited to bring her knowledge, experience and charisma to build great client relationships while providing helpful solutions to customers as well as to the rest of the S3 team.

In her free time, Racheal enjoys trivia Tuesdays and beach time with her boyfriend. She also volunteers at Southside Baptist caring for children while their parents learn English. As an unapologetic extrovert, Racheal loves being with people and on any given Sunday during football season, you’ll find her in a crowded place airing the game. “Go Packers!”

Safety Tips
  1. Always lock your door and windows.
  2. Avoid walking and looking down at your phone. Be aware of your surroundings.
  3. Park in well-lit areas near other vehicles and/or by high pedestrian and vehicle traffic.
  4. Never prop doors open, even for a short time, especially fire or access doors.
  5. Verify who is at your door before opening, if you are not expecting someone or the individual is suspicious call and report to security/police.