June Newsletter

Officer of the Month Lt. Alex Parkes

Lt. Alex Parkes has been employed with S3 Security since June of 2012. Alex was the first officer hired when the Gainesville market was launched back in June of 2012. He started off as a patrol officer, and in April of 2015 he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant / Team Leader. In this role, he was responsible for overseeing night to night operations and a team of 8 officers. In January of 2016 Alex Parkes was promoted again this time to rank of Lieutenant/ Field Manager, now overseeing a team of 12 officers Alex is responsible for continuing to oversee night to night operations, fleet inspection, officer spot checks, Field Training , scheduling , officer evaluation input and above all representing the S3 brand. Most recently Lt. Parkes Has been assisting and working with members of the Gainesville Police department on the newly developed SWARM program (South-West Armed Responder Management) This program is spearheaded by Gainesville Police department as a collaboration between local Law Enforcement and security professionals in the Gainesville area.

Alex Parkes is a true leader, and works diligently to ensure our clients receive the best service available. In his off time Alex enjoys spending time with hisgirlfriend and family, working on his vehicle, video games and reading.

Looking back over the last 6 years, it is almost impossible to imagine perfecting our brand and service without the help of Alex Parkes!


Over the last 7 years, S3 Security has grown from an entrepreneurial business to the leading multi-family and commercial real estate security provider throughout North Florida. Our non-stop commitment to team members and customers is paramount to the success of our organization.

Last week S3 Security hosted some of our favorite communities at the Jumbo Shrimp Minor League Baseball game on Sunday, June 10th. Jumbo Shrimp vs Biloxi Shuckers

See more pictures of the event here.

Safety Tips
  1. Always lock your door and windows.
  2. Avoid walking and looking down at your phone. Be aware of your surroundings.
  3. Park in well-lit areas near other vehicles and/or by high pedestrian and vehicle traffic.
  4. Never prop doors open, even for a short time, especially fire or access doors.
  5. Verify who is at your door before opening, if you are not expecting someone or the individual is suspicious call and report to security/police.