December Newsletter

Officer of the Month Officer Chandra Times

Officer Wimes started to work with S3 Security as a patrol officer on October 17th 2018. Coming to S3 with 5 years prior security experience, she has made an amazing addition to our team. She is outgoing, polite, and an excellent communicator, who has given a 110% each and every time she has clocked in since day 1. In her spare time officer Wimes enjoys watching any shows that have to do with law/criminal justice or csi Miami/ reading – writing – sleeping, and hanging out with her friends.

S3 Security Holiday Party Collage

S3 Security had the yearly Jacksonville Officer Holiday party in our offices. We had the opportunity to know more about each member of our team and shared some great moments.

Safety Tips
  1. Take extra care to ensure your car doors are locked whenever leaving your vehicle.
    Bring your delivered packages into your home as soon as possible or have the post office hold them for you.
  2. Make sure the front and back doors of your home are locked whether home or not.
    Stop any recurring deliveries such as newspapers and mail when going out of town for an extended amount of time.
  3. Move your valuables into a safe locked place out of sight.
  4. Do not leave valuables especially guns, wallets, or keys in your vehicle.
  5. If traveling for a few days, keep a light on in your house or have a timer to turn on lights at dark.
    Be cautious when out driving.